It’s Official: Skeena MP Taylor Bachrach Is Banned From Entering Russia

His name is on a list of 313 Canadians.

Source: The Narwhal / CNN

We highly doubt that Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach was planning any trips to Russia in the near future. But now he definitely won’t be able to go. 

“It appears that today Russia officially banned me from entering the country, but that won’t stop me from standing up for Ukrainians and calling out Russia’s unacceptable aggression,” Bachrach wrote on Facebook. “Right now, my team is helping Ukrainians get to safety and we’ll keep up our efforts as long as they are needed.”

Bachrach’s name ended up on a list of 313 Canadians officially banned by the Russian Foreign Ministry–Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also included.  

The Skeena MP was apparently a bit surprised, but told MyBulkleyLakesNow that it means his denunciations of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are having an impact. 

“What we’re doing here in Canada is making a difference and I’ve been calling for things like closing Canadian airspace to Russian planes, obviously that caught the Russian’s attention and we’re going to keep doing stuff and we’re not intimidated by these sanctions,” he said.

Right now his focus on Ukranian refugees potentially arriving to the Skeena. 

“We are working with several families across the Northwest who have loved ones in Ukraine that they want to bring here and obviously that’s a complicated situation given the violence and in that country but we are doing everything possible to make sure as many folks as possible make it to safety,” he said.

Written by The Skeena

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