Feel Your Heart Rate Go Up Watching Crazy Whitewater Kayaking Near Terrace

These kayakers are hardcore.

Only a select few have ever paddled Mayo Creek, a stream north of Terrace near the community of Rosswood, and this new adrenaline-pumping video captures what it’s like.

“A decade ago I paddled a short section of this creek with friends,” writes Youtube user jcathers235. “A few years back they reactivated the logging road that runs along the creek giving us access to another 12 km of creek that has never been paddled.”

The four-minute point of view video is a thrilling ride that will get your heart rate up. 

Personally, we’re happy to experience it secondhand. But props to anyone brave enough to hurl themselves down Mayo Creek or any other rapids in the Skeena region.  

Written by The Skeena

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