Watch This Guy Take A Rip Around Telkwa On His Dirt Bike

Kyle Froese is a host of the Hard Enduro Hosers podcast.

Blasting down a mountain trail on a dirt bike seems like it would take quite a bit of practice and skill. But Kyle Froese makes it look easy in this new video.

“Mid-week ride in Telkwa,” he explains. “Putting down some timed laps on this single track section.”

Besides loving to rip on his dirt bike, Froese is a host of the Hard Enduro Hosers podcast, which describes itself as “a couple of Canadian hard enduro aficionados discussing a sport they have no authority in.”

And what is “enduro”, you may be wondering?  

“Enduro is actually a type of dirt biking sport that is conducted on an extended cross-country terrain or rather, an off-road course. Normally, enduro consists of several challenges and obstacles that every participating biker needs to pass through. In other words, enduro means racing or riding dirt bikes on long difficult and challenging terrain,” Motoshark explains

Written by The Skeena

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