Think You’ve Got A Better Bear Story Than This Guy? We Want To Hear It

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Earlier this summer, wildlife photographer John E. Marriott witnessed something pretty spectacular: two of the largest and toughest grizzly bears in Banff National Park testing each other’s speed and endurance. 

“It was easily one of the greatest wildlife viewing encounters of my life, which, when you consider I’ve photographed wolverines, cougars, grizzlies and other beasts for almost thirty years, should tell you all you need to know,” he recalled.

You can read the full run-down on his blog, but in a nutshell he saw a massive grizzly named The Boss chase another called Split Lip for 3km down a Banff parkway. 

Which made us curious: there must be a bunch of crazy bear stories in the Skeena region, right? If you think you’ve got one that tops Marriott’s story, we want to hear it! 

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Written by The Skeena

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