The Skeena Still Doesn’t Have Good Bus Service But Taylor Bachrach Isn’t Giving Up

Source: Greyhound Canada Website

It’s been nearly four years since Greyhound stopped running buses in northern B.C. and people are still feeling the impacts.

“For folks in the Northwest and across rural Canada, the end of Greyhound was just another nail in the coffin for public services in the North,” Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach wrote on Facebook.  

Bachrach has for years been asking the federal government to support a public passenger service in the province’s north. And he recently demanded it once again in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

“We need national leadership,” he said. 

Since Greyhound left, a number of smaller bus operators have begun offering service.

But “people are feeling the loss of Greyhound buses, which ran frequently and covered seven major routes,” CBC reported

Bachrach believes that federally-supported transportation options could fill the gap.

He said that such a service “re-connects communities across the country and ensures people can access jobs and services no matter where they live.”

Written by The Skeena

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