You Can Blame Putin For The Stupidly High Gas Prices Across The Skeena

Sanctions against Russia are accelerating fill-up costs.

You may have noticed some stupidly high gas prices lately. 

People filling up in Prince Rupert this weekend had to pay nearly $1.63 per liter. 

Think that’s bad? People in Vancouver were paying almost $1.83 per liter. 

So who–or what–is to blame for this insanity? 

The answer is pretty simple actually: it’s Putin’s fault.

“Sanctions were put in place against Russia after the country invaded Ukraine, and some commodity prices are already soaring as a result,” CTV News reports

Oil prices were surging before the invasion due in part to more people wanting to drive and travel following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. 

And Putin’s “attack on Ukraine is putting even greater pressure on an already surging oil price environment and that will cost Canadians more at the pump,” Global News writes

Just a suggestion, but maybe it’s time to buy one of those electric vehicles that carmakers were advertising during the Super Bowl.  

Written by The Skeena

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