Watch A ‘Dangerous’ Driver Blow Through A Red Light In Smithers

‘He makes no attempt to stop’

There are bad drivers everywhere, and a particularly poor one was just caught on tape in Smithers. 

Two people are about to turn left on a green light when all of a sudden the passenger yells “woah, woah, woah” and they hit the brakes, only to see a truck with a kayak strapped to the roof blow through the red. 

“This guy floors it when the light turned orange, it was red long before he got to the stop line, and he makes no attempt to stop or slow down whatsoever,” explains a new video posted to the account Smithers B.C. – Rude or Dangerous Drivers. “Had we not stopped both our trucks would be totaled, and some of us could have ended the day in hospital or a morgue.”

The two people filming the video eventually pull up the truck and take down the license plate number, saying “This guy is dangerous.” 

Watch the video here.

Written by The Skeena

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