‘For Me It’s The Beautiful View’: Locals Sound Off On What They Love About Terrace

‘The adventures!’

This was supposed to be the summer when we conquered the pandemic and spent long carefree days with our friends and family. 

But between the surging Delta variant, out-of-control wildfires linked to climate change and the unearthing of mass unmarked graves outside of residential schools, this has not been the blissful few months many of us imagined.

The Old and CNR Skeena bridges by night. Photo credit: Chase Hamilton

However, there’s still tons to be grateful for living in the Skeena. And in that spirit David William Munro Maclennan IV recently posted on the Terrace Community Bulletin Board asking locals to share things that make them happy. 

The Kitselas and Kitsumkalum people have lived and done business in the Terrace area for thousands of years.

“We need some positivity,” he wrote. “So tell me what is one thing you love about Terrace?”

He got things started: “For me it’s the beautiful view of the nature around it.”

Kleanza Creek Provincial Park. Source: Outdoorsy

From there the responses just rolled in. Here are some of the highlights:

Kelsey Lockhart: “The amount of people who step up and help out everyone who’s going through a horrible experience and is needing help! I have experienced this from both sides in my life in Terrace and more often than not people are positive and helpful and caring and I’m proud of that part of our community 100%”

Terrace residents, new and old, joined Sylvia Hart on the floor as they learned to line dance at a potluck dinner at Elks Hall on Feb. 19, 2020. Credit: Natalia Balcerzak.

Sara Chris Albert: “Local businesses and staff! They make living in the North so much better!”

Lisa Jacques: “The adventures!”

Don Ritchey: “Love our medical teams. We are fortunate to have what we have for our community.”

Source: Northern Health / Northwest Operating Room managers: Kia Beertema, Diane Hess, Edwin Empinado, Shelley Bondy, and Elena Raykov. https://stories.northernhealth.ca/stories/2020-jago-award-winners-collaboration

Sunshine Cote: “I love the First Nations people there.”

Joy Yager: “Farmer’s market. Love seeing all the vegetable and fruit tables, the art and woodwork. First stop is always at the table of the fudge lady for her delicious licorice fudge.”

Farmer’s Market in Terrace.

Ingrid Michaud: “How the people of this town step up to assist others in their times of need.”

J.B. New: “I love the clean fresh air and the friendly small town vibes.”

Vanessa Urbantke: “All the fruit that can be foraged around town in the summer months, especially wild cherries and saskatoon berries!”

Reva Krumm Jurgeleit: “The fact you can breath the air, drink from a creek, grow a garden not to mention the hunting, and fishing, best place on Earth, home.”

Photo credit: Kalum River Lodge / The Discourse
Terrace Festivals.

Carol Harrison: “The library. Skeena Diversity. Going shopping and being guaranteed that you’ll run into people you haven’t seen for a long time.”

Written by The Skeena

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