Where To Buy Awesome Xmas Gifts Made In Smithers

Hats, socks, jewelry and custom leather tote bags–Smithers has it all.

Photo credit: @zelmabrezinska via Twenty20

[Helengrey Dobrenski is a wedding photographer based in Smithers, BC. This holiday gift guide is reposted from her site]. 

Source: www.helengreyphotography.com

I wanted to share with you a few of my local favorites for your Christmas shopping! 

For your organized friend: A calendar from Ink and Grace Paper Co.  It is my absolute favorite  to help keep my life organized. 

For your stylish friend: Everyone needs a cute hat, Salt Boutique has the perfect one!

For your home decor friend: Make sure you stop by illyria Studio. Eleanor has stunning handcrafted jewelry, candles, blankets, and expertly crafted interior elements. 

For all friends: My very favorite socks that keep me warm all winter from Stone Moth.

For all friends: You can’t go wrong with anything leather, especially this dreamy custom leather tote bag from Old Iron Forge & Leather.

For your self care friend: Make sure you pick up bath salts from Nature’s Essence.

For your candle friend: Message Katie from The Valley Candles to pick up your favorite Christmas scent. 

For your spa friend: You can never go wrong with a pedicure from Bloom Esthetics.

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