Here’s Where To Find Your School’s Specific COVID Reopening Plan

‘Parents can feel confident,’ says Education Minister.

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If you have kids, you probably know by now that schools in Northern B.C. re-open in less than two weeks on Thursday, September 10th. Staff meanwhile will return to work two days earlier on September 8th.

But no doubt you have a few questions and concerns beyond just knowing the date. Luckily there are now some answers. Every school district in the province has just released specific back to school plans. 

“With these plans now in place, parents can feel confident about sending their children back to school and assured that strict health and safety measures are in place to protect students and staff,” Minister of Education Rob Fleming said in a statement. “I know that some families will continue to have medical or health concerns, and my expectation is that school districts will be flexible and work with families to provide remote options that keep children connected to their school community.”  

You can find your school’s detailed plan by visiting the website of your school district. For School District 82, which includes Terrace, Hazelton, Kitwanga and Kitimat, visit here

Visit here for School District 52, which includes schools in and around Prince Rupert. 

School District 54, which covers the Bulkley Valley, has information about its reopening plans here

Though each school will offer plans specifically tailored for the community, there are a few general guidelines they will all be following. All staff, middle and secondary students must wear masks on buses, in hallways and in other high-traffic areas. 

Schools will undertake “increased cleaning of high-contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, keyboards, desks and chairs.” Students and staff are required to clean their hands before getting on buses and entering the schools, as well as during mealtime. 

“Staff and students (or their parents/guardians) must also assess themselves daily for illness, including symptoms of COVID-19. If any student or staff member has even mild symptoms, arrangements will be made for that person to return home,” reads a government statement.

Visit here for other province-wide information about the reopening. 

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