Pulling Off a Parade in a Pandemic: Smithers Moves Forward In Reverse

Floats will stay put while the audience drives.

Source: Fall Fair Reverse Parade Smithers Facebook Page

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic posed a real challenge for organizers of the 101st Bulkley Valley Exhibition in Smithers. How do you run a parade in a pandemic when people aren’t supposed to gather in large groups? But organizers in Smithers came up with an ingenious solution: run the parade in reverse.

From Wednesday until Saturday, people in Smithers will decorate their front yards and businesses while people in the community will drive around town looking at the displays. “Let’s get together separately!” reads the Facebook event for the “Fall Fair Reverse Parade”.  

“I just want people to have fun, I mean it’s been a really rough year and let’s just do something to have fun,” organizer Jessy Taggart told MyBulkleyLakesNow. “I’m hoping that people will just get their kids out and go for a drive and just look at the fun stuff.”

The Smithers Fall Fair Reverse Parade Facebook page lists the addresses of people who are participating, and is encouraging people to vote for their favourite displays.  Check it out!

Written by The Skeena

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