Check Out The Fresh And Delicious Food Grown At This Urban Farm In Prince Rupert

Young farmers show off fresh produce which you can check out at their market on August 27th.

Ecotrust Canada / Ecotrust Canada on FB.

If you live in a city, you’ve likely noticed community gardens or planter boxes popping up on under-used plots of land around town. The Sndoyntga Lax Kx’een ada Maxłaxaała urban farm is one such local farm, located in Prince Rupert on Coast Ts’msyen Territory.

This new video, posted on the EcoTrust Youtube channel, features a cheery young volunteer showing off the fresh goods they’ve grown in their urban greenhouses, including delicious-looking cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, peppers and many herbs.

“Our aim is to revitalize a vacant space in the downtown core, grow fresh produce for those in need, and invite our community to plant, grow, harvest, cook and preserve fresh, local foods,” EcoTrust states on the farm’s webpage.

Urban farming is a big buzzword these days, but what exactly does the term mean?

Urban farming is when someone in a densely populated area turns a green space into a garden or crop that can produce fruits and vegetables. Urban farms can also include things like bee-keeping and animal husbandry (like how many city dwellers have taken to the backyard chicken coop). 

Via Ecotrust Canada FB page.

These projects provide a community with nutritious and secure sources of food, while also supporting the growth of local businesses.

This particular urban farm in Prince Rupert is unique in that the produce is donated to support the community, including people who might not have regular access to healthy produce. The video descriptions list K’oomtk Youth Centre, Cedar Village Housing Society, Metlakatla, Hecate Strait Settlement Services, and garden visitors and volunteers as some of the recipients of the farm’s bounty.

Be sure to check out their next local market, the Kaien Island Pop-Up Seaside Market on Saturday, August 27th from 12-4 pm. The market will feature locally grown produce, products, beer, and live music. 

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